Only 2 Days Left!

We are down to the last two days for our eBay auction for Yarnbombg for Lunches. If you want to score some great deals on yarn or handmade artful blankets, then go see our listings before it’s too late! There is also a super adorable cat hat and baby items. All made with love for a good cause!

Click here to see auction—>tillies_frillies

Our goal is to raise $1,000 this year. We’ve already raised over $400! So we are almost halfway there.

All the proceeds will go the Eatonville School District to pay off students’ negative lunch accounts. We are putting a stop to the practice of taking food away form kids and trashing it over insufficient funds, and we’re improving communication between school and home. So far it’s working great! Last year we raised $400 to donate and now the school district has updated their policy on taking lunches and they have implemented robo-calls to alert parents of lunch balances that are low. We are still working with the district to allow online payments so parents can quickly and easily refill lunch accounts so students won’t have to go hungry.

If you are looking to support a good cause, then look no further! Not only will you be helping the kids in our small community of Eatonville, but you are helping shape school policy that will encourage all schools, nation-wide, to adopt a better system that works for students and parents. We CAN be the change we want to see in the world.

Here’s a peak at some of the adorable goodies you can find in our auction:

(I mean, how stinking cute is that sweet baby and kitty, right?! They make me smile!)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you shop and share our auction. But most of all, I hope you have a fabulous day full wonderful surprises. If it’s not, then I hope you make someone else’s day fabulous and full of wonderful surprises, after all, that feels just as good and brings you the same amount of joy.



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