Just Do It

Nike is on to something. “Just do it” is really great advice. The fact that you miss 100% of shots you don’t take and that fear of failure kills more dreams than actually living them out is enough to get me to act on an idea I’ve been kicking around for a bit.

The small town I live in has virtually no learning activities offered and we are a good 45 minutes away from towns/cities that have classes and skill share opportunities. So I’ve been thinking about teaching sewing (which I’m good at and love) right in town where local people can have a chance to learn a great skill and save money on gas and time, as well as keeping the class affordable for everyone, too.

So…I took the Nike challenge and set up a series of classes for this month to help people learn how to sew on their machines and to guide them, step-by-step, through using a sewing pattern and through the garment construction process. It’s to be an informal and small class that will be hands-on. Sure you can read books and watch videos to learn skills, but learning happens at such a profound speed when you have the opportunity to apprentice with someone who has the knowledge you would like to gain.

Now that the excitement of setting up all the classes and booking the venue is wearing off and I wait to see if anyone will actually sign up, the fears and doubts creep in and I think maybe this is all silly and who would want to learn sewing when you can just buy shit already made and I don’t have a degree so maybe that makes me unqualified to teach anything?! YIKES! What have I done????

I keep reminding myself that what I have done is created a space and time to give the opportunity to people in my community to learn to sew from a professional seamstress with over 15 years of experience in a comfortable learning environment close to home. Whoever does come to my classes will come because they desire the skills to sew well and I will help them get there. I love helping people to help themselves and I love teaching and sharing what I know and what works for me.

If this idea is a failure and nothing comes from it, at least I can say I tried and I am sure I will learn something from it all.

SEWING CLASSES Taught by Tillie Vuksich

Sewing 101-Learn to use your machine July 6 (8am-11am/1pm-4pm/6pm-9pm)

Sewing 102-Sew a little girl’s dress. July 16(8am-11am/1pm-4pm/6pm-9pm)

Sewing 103-Sew a little boy’s button down shirt. July 20(8-11am/1-4pm/6-9pm)

Sewing 104-Sew a tote bag and zippered pouch. July 27(8-11am/1-4pm/6-9pm)


$24 for each class. Max of 10 students per class. You can choose from three class times.

Learn on your machine and make new sewing buddies!

Classes held in the meeting room at Mill Village Motel in downtown Eatonville, WA.

Sign up at least two days before class to hold your spot. Pay class fee with Paypal (tillievuksich@yahoo.com) or by mailing check to: 10710 440th St E, Eatonville, WA 98328

Questions? Email me at tillievuksich@yahoo.com

(There is a small supply list for Classes 102, 103 and 104 that I will give you at sign up)

All I do know for sure is that I always have fun sewing and these classes will be educational as well as enjoyable and you will leave with the skills to sew from a pattern or your imagination. And to sew like a pro!



Let’s Just Say I Tried!

In my small hometown of Eatonville, WA, a film crew was shooting a reality TV competition hosted by John Cena (15 times World Champion Wrestler of WWE) and I was super fortunate in meeting John and his beautiful companion, Nicole Bella, at dinner one night when out with my daughter and her friend.


After dinner the girls asked him for a picture, which he very kindly obliged, and then I introduced myself and asked if I could interview him and the crew about the filming in Eatonville. (I really love writing and I love this town. I thought this would be a great way to help promote our town in a positive way.) John took my card and said he would be willing to do an interview once they were through taping the show. I was elated! I think us girls went to bed smiling that night.

I was so excited to do this interview that I wrote out all my questions, researched the show and the people involved, and how to spin it so Eatonville gets some props for being an amazing town with great natural space to enjoy.

But…I never did hear from him. Which is a bummer. However, I still feel like sharing what I know.

The show is called ‘American Grit’ and is said to air sometime this year on FOX. Leftfield Pictures and FOX produced this 10-episode reality competition TV show using Pack Forest as its playground for military-grade and survival themed challenges. With 16 of the toughest men and women split into four teams, each with a mentor, competing for a million-dollar prize.

The four mentors are made up of some outstanding military heroes. They are: Rorke Denver, Navy Commander and SEAL who starred in the 2012 film ‘Act of Valor’; Noah Galloway, Purple Heart recipient and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ 3rd place winner who lost his left arm and leg in combat as an Army Soldier and has since started a fitness and health charity called Survival Straps; Tawanda “Tee” Hanible, Marine Gunnery Sergeant who founded an organization to connect Veterans with at-risk youth to mentor called Operation Heroes Connect; Nick “The Reaper” Irving, Army Ranger Sniper and author of ‘The Reaper: Autobiography of One of the Deadliest Special Ops Snipers’.

I actually met the mentors at breakfast one morning before I had any clue as to who they were, and they were all really lovely people and very kind.

So there you have it! My first article on the TV show ‘American Grit. Unfortunately, I have no quotes or interviews with the producers or hosts or mentors. All I can say is that I tried. I introduced myself to all and gave my card to everyone and kept my fingers crossed. I’m new to journalism so maybe I was supposed to do it all differently. Who knows, maybe they will call me up and say “Hey Tillie! Let’s do that interview now.” (I can dream, right?!)

I wish the cast and crew all the best! I am really looking forward to watching the show with my family.

Sidenote: John Cena was in the film ‘Sisters‘, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It’s hilarious and a must-see! I took my teen daughters to see it, then my Mom, and just took my sister, Maddie! I laugh hard every time and now can say the words along with the characters at my favorite parts. Tina & Amy nailed it! It’s funny, but true. Go see it before it’s out of theaters.


7 out of 10 for 2015

The #7 moment of my 2015 is July 10th; when I took four of my kiddos fishing this summer at Riffe Lake. It was a beautiful day, yet a bit cold, as it can be early in the day in the Pacific Northwest.

This was our first time fishing at Riffe Lake. The boys and Birdie caught little fish while Faith and I sat on the shore enjoying the views. I was knitting for the yarnbomb and noticed a boat coming into shore. It was a really nice boat with about five people, all of whom were young 17-25 and really beautiful looking (could have been a group of models for a nautical photo-shoot), when Rubin got his line stuck while bottom fishing from shore. I ran over to help before he got flustered and while the boat was floating into shore right in front of us, my footing on this little hill slips-my only options were fall face first into the water with all my clothes on or lay back onto the shore as my feet slipped off the hill…I chose the dry scenario and when I heard Faith, Rubin, Hershal, Birdie and a boat-full of models hooting with laughter, I knew I was a sight to see laying on my back on the shore holding Rubin’s fishing pole.

The group clapped when I righted myself, to which I took a bow, and I finished fixing Rubin’s pole so he could get back to trying to catch “the big one.” As humiliating as it was, I couldn’t stop laughing at myself and thinking that if a video camera followed me around I swear the footage would be pure gold!

We always have a great time when we are out in nature. Whether it’s hiking or playing at a park or relaxing in the hammock in the backyard, it’s always rewarding being outdoors.

The moment our kids switch off technology and get out in nature something magical happens. They stop pestering each other, their attention span is boundless as they take in all the colors, smells, sounds, and creatures that create our natural surroundings. We are not separate from it, but an integral part of it. It’s pretty special and that’s why it’s on of my top 10 favorite moments of 2015!


Only 2 Days Left!

We are down to the last two days for our eBay auction for Yarnbombg for Lunches. If you want to score some great deals on yarn or handmade artful blankets, then go see our listings before it’s too late! There is also a super adorable cat hat and baby items. All made with love for a good cause!

Click here to see auction—>tillies_frillies

Our goal is to raise $1,000 this year. We’ve already raised over $400! So we are almost halfway there.

All the proceeds will go the Eatonville School District to pay off students’ negative lunch accounts. We are putting a stop to the practice of taking food away form kids and trashing it over insufficient funds, and we’re improving communication between school and home. So far it’s working great! Last year we raised $400 to donate and now the school district has updated their policy on taking lunches and they have implemented robo-calls to alert parents of lunch balances that are low. We are still working with the district to allow online payments so parents can quickly and easily refill lunch accounts so students won’t have to go hungry.

If you are looking to support a good cause, then look no further! Not only will you be helping the kids in our small community of Eatonville, but you are helping shape school policy that will encourage all schools, nation-wide, to adopt a better system that works for students and parents. We CAN be the change we want to see in the world.

Here’s a peak at some of the adorable goodies you can find in our auction:

(I mean, how stinking cute is that sweet baby and kitty, right?! They make me smile!)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you shop and share our auction. But most of all, I hope you have a fabulous day full wonderful surprises. If it’s not, then I hope you make someone else’s day fabulous and full of wonderful surprises, after all, that feels just as good and brings you the same amount of joy.