Just a Little Rant

What’s up with deodorant?

Men and women both use it. It’s a thing of courtesy when we try to smell our best, and I thank everyone who makes an effort. But why the heck can’t us women get deodorant like Old Spice gel stick with a woman’s scent? Seriously, it bugs me that female pit-stick is smaller (less product for the same price or more than the male counterpart=RIP OFF!) and we have to choose between gooey clear gel and white chalk. Huh? Are you kidding me?!

Come on Old Spice, make a woman’s line already. Or better yet, all you lady-brands pick up your game and give us the gel stick like Old Spice with a nice feminine scent. Is it really that hard? I end up using my husband’s pit-stick most times because I love the feel of it and it doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes or goo. It glides on nicely and works pretty damn good. I still have not found a woman’s brand I like and want to stick with.

I also don’t like paying more for less. I notice a lot of things are priced higher when marketed to women than men, which is another problem I see in stores and businesses. Go see for yourself. You can get a package of plain white t-shirts in the men’s department for the price of one t-shirt from the woman’s department. Hair cuts for men, super cheap, woman with a short do will still pay more than a man…why? It’s a fact that men have historically earned higher wages than women in the same line of work and still us ladies will end up paying more for similar universal products and services.

Things that make me go “hmmm…”


One thought on “Just a Little Rant

  1. Yes! I feel the exact same way. I purchaced the Secret clinical strength gel today and literally sat there and had to twist it up MORE than half way up to the top before any of the gel deodorant even came out. I spent almost 8 bucks on that thing and 2/3rd of it isn’t even there after you twist it! Left with about an inch worth of actual deodorant, Complete rip off. I’d love it if they came out with a woman’s gel stick, we get stick buying men’s deodorant and razors! Lol


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