In our world of fast information, 24/7 news channels, media platforms that range from old-school newspapers to new-age Twitter, it seems that certain topics are not newsworthy enough to get the coverage they deserve.

Why? Who’s call is it what gets reported and what doesn’t? How much money does it cost to banish news? These are real questions I want to see answered. I’m sure if we follow the money we would see exactly the “who and why” of it.

When I first heard of the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in North Dakota it was a year late and not even covered in mainstream media. Hello?! There is something seriously wrong with that! This is a protest to protect water, a source of life for us ALL. And things have gone from bad to worse in the ill treatment and human rights violations of these water protectors who are not saying don’t build it, they are just saying not here. It’s their land and it’s sacred and it would compromise their water. How is that not a reasonable request???

I really wanted to go to Standing Rock to lend my support and help in any way possible, but I know I can still be of help here in my corner of the world to get the message out about what is happening this very minute. I hope to use my writing to change a few hearts of those with the power to actually make things right.

The companies behind this pipeline are Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and it’s subsidiary Sunoco Logistics (SL). CEO Kelcy Warren of ETP has said that these protests to the DAPL have already cost the business $100 million in future profits by delaying the project. Sources say that an estimated $8 million has been spent on law enforcement by the state of North Dakota in response to the unarmed peaceful protesters.

What I find so ironic is how this company can complain about profit loss from the protestors but fail to see the real loss is how their company is losing something more than money, it’s losing face. It’s losing integrity and respectability when it chooses to put profits before people.

All businesses were created from some common problem that someone found a solution to. So helping others is at the heart of any great business. I think these CEOs and employees at ETP and SL need to go back and read their mission statements. It’s on their websites incase they don’t have a copy handy. They both cite their mission and values to be about people, helping people, doing the right thing by having integrity, having the highest level of ethics, excellence in service…to people. At no point did I read where it says they are all about profit and people are expendable. I doubt anyone would support  a business with such a blatant disregard for human beings. But that is what these companies are showing the world at this present moment.

I am an optimist and I believe there is good in every situation and person, so I have hope that these companies will read my letters I will be sending and that the people on the other side of the desk will open their hearts to the problem and find a solution that will be inline with their company’s mission and values that they started with. Money cannot come before treating people right.

I urge everyone to send a letter or card or postcard to the two companies and ask that they please find a way to work with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and respect their people and the water. It can be done and should be done. The sooner the better.

Here is the info for both businesses:

Energy Transfer Partners

CEO Kelcy Warren

8111 Westchester Drive

Dallas, TX 75225



Sunoco Logistics, LLC

Ms. Kathleen Shea-Ballay

Corporate Secretary

1818 Market Street, Suite 1500

Philadelphia, PA 19103


Maybe they need to scale back the pipeline until they figure out a better route. Take a loss now so they can have greater success in the future. There are options and breaking treaties and hurting people is not one of them. I know they are capable of doing better and will with encouragement from people with like minds and hearts.

Heck, send a Christmas card to these companies with a short note saying you want them honor their mission statements and values that they built their business on. Most everyone is sending out cards this time of year, pop two extra in the mail this year and do your small part in helping these large businesses get back to the business of helping people.

Let’s spread some good and share the love!



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