#6 of 2015

My sixth favorite moment of 2015 would have to be the day I won “Fastest Fingers In The West” at the Washington State Fair (Puyallup Fair…still no clue why they changed the name) for being the fastest knitter and crocheter!

It was September 15th, 2015 and I asked my Mom to go with me for moral support. Plus, it had been over a decade since we attended the fair together and it was so much fun hanging out with Mom.

Since I was little, I’ve loved the fair! I looked forward to it every year. I had always wanted to enter some of my handmade crafts, but was afraid of the critique they would recieve. I don’t know why though, because the judges are the sweetest people who only give constructive critisism and always give an encouraging word.

When I was online doing the registration process to enter my crafts in the fair, I came across the “Fastest Fingers” contest and knew right away that I could throw-down in this challenge! I won’t win a running race, or walking for that matter, but I got some wicked fast skills at knitting and crochet, so I signed up and took first in both contests!

No matter what you are into or passionaite about, there is a place for you to shine. I found my “people” and now have some kick-ass ribbons to show for it!

Fastest Fingers contest at the fair. I got the blue, first place ribbon!

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