Number 4 of 2015

My fourth favorite moment of 2015 would have to be the night out with my daughter, Faith, when we went to Tacoma Musical Playhouse (TMP) to see “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” in February.

We were given comps from my good friend, Demmarie. It was a very funny play! TMP is my favorite local musical theatre, not just because my son, Hershal, was in a play there (Ragtime), but because they put on the best shows. But that is also how I met so many wonderful people that I call friends today.


After the play, Faith and I stopped at Applebee’s for a bite to eat at 11:30pm. First, the young hostess asked if we wanted to sit in the bar?! I said “No, thank you. My daughter is only 15.” This made Faith laugh quite hard, but I know if I had gone with it she would have blown our cover, because just like her mama, she can’t lie!

While there, enjoying our girl time over a plate of nachos, some cute 17 year old boy comes over to our table and tells her “his friend” thinks she’s pretty. She says “Oookay.” and he heads back to his table. I can see the group of guys, but Faith’s back is to them so I’m giving her a play by play of the events back at their table. To up the ante, I ask our waiter to send a dessert to them courtesy of the pretty girl. The waiter is such a sport and gives them the free birthday brownie dessert to which they all get excited about and dig in. During this time Faith and I can’t stop laughing! It’s hilarious to her that Mom is playing her wing-man and the waiter is in cahoots!

When the guys get up to leave, two come over to our table to give Faith their instagram account names and introduce themselves. But the best part was watching them high-five each other on their way to their car.

It was a pretty funny night and I haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year! ~Tillie




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