My First Creations

Let me start from the beginning.

My first creations that I am the most proud of (and love to pieces) are my kids! From the moment I met my husband, Evan, I knew he was to be the father of my children. He had no idea, but I knew and that’s all that mattered.

We were blessed with five amazing children that have made our lives better than we ever dreamed possible. All of them are so unique and talented in their own way. I can’t imagine what life would be like without them.

That saying, “I’m so crafty I make people” is one of my favorites. I wear it like a badge of honor and I’m proud of the stretch marks I have to prove it.

My little loves are not so little anymore. They have grown into people I look up to, figuratively and literally.

Emma is now starting her senior year of high school. She’s a force to be reckoned with in running. Her long legs and endurance have earned her recognition in athletics, along with many awards and medals. Emma has always been my outgoing and tenacious child. She has a big heart and has decided she wants to be a Pediatrician. I think she will be amazing!

My oldest child, Emma.
My oldest child, Emma.

I always said that our children just got sweeter and sweeter the more kids we had. It may be true or the fact that we actually knew what we were doing and what to expect by the following child…either way, they were sweet and fun!

Faith was born a week before Christmas and I swear Emma thought she was an early present, and she was, for all of us.

Faith has always had a soft spot for animals. She is the child who could-and would-talk me into adopting new pets. We’ve had dogs, cats, birds, chickens, ducks, sheep, and horses. That’s just the list of pets I said “yes” to. Then there was the monkey, ferret, chinchilla, hedgehog, and fish I said “no” to. Her career goal has never changed, she still wants to be a Veterinarian. She is a kind and big-hearted person who comes off quiet, but is really loud and silly with those she’s comfortable with.

My second child, Faith.
My second child, Faith.

Hershal is the middle child, and yes, he exhibits all the great “middle child” qualities textbooks warn you about. This boy has been the entertainer in the family since he could walk. All the kids would put on plays or music performances for the family, but it would be Hershal who would steal the show everytime. He commits to the character and is funny beyond words! In fifth grade he was in a school play put on by Tacoma Musical Playhouse. He did so well that they asked him to be in one of their mainstage musicals, Ragtime. He’s now into basketball, and quite good at that too, but I would love to see him continue his acting since he’s a natural performer.

My third, and middle child, Hershal.
My third, and middle child, Hershal.

Our fourth child, Rubin, was the sweetest and cutest baby of all! No kidding, this baby was smiley and cuddly and had cute fat-rolls that made you want to squeeze him all day long. And I did! He’s still as sweet as ever, but he’s grown into all that skin and is such a natural at sports. Rubin has always been the child to give me a hug or kiss when I need it most. His kindness and humor makes him liked by all who know him.

My fourth child, Rubin.
My fourth child, Rubin.

My last human creation is Birdie, the sweet and tough girl we call the baby of the family. Birdie is the culmination of sweetness and silliness she learned from all her siblings. Maybe that’s it, the reason they all just got sweeter and sweeter, they learned it from the older kids…aha! That’s it! Thank goodness Emma was so sweet and passed it down to her brothers and sisters!

We found out Birdie has Type 1 Diabetes right before her 8th birthday. She really is a strong little girl! She does her finger pokes and her insulin shots all by herself. She never complains or feels sorry for herself. A true inspiration to me. Birdie has decided, at the age of 10, that she wants to be a doctor of Diabetes and help others to care for themselves.

My fifth child, Birdie.
My fifth child, Birdie.

To say I’m proud of my children would be a huge understatement! They are my reason for breathing. It’s been fun watching each grow and become their own person. I’ve been blessed with the task of raising these kids and I know in my heart that through them, I’ve done my part to bring the world beauty and love. My children have been and always be my best work. Everything else from here on out is icing on the cake!


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