Number 2 of 2015


This comes late in the day since I’m down with a cold, but better late than never.

My second favorite moment of 2015 is hands-down my trip to Arizona with my sister, Maddie, to visit our Uncle & Aunt!

It was 114 degrees, sunny, and they had a pool. That’s my kind of vacation!!

We laughed so hard when our Uncle tried to start a car race with some young guys in a hot car and our Aunt rolled the window down and said “Don’t encourage him!” as both cars revved their engines and crept forward. The other car beat us, but it was pretty hysterical.

We had the best tour of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa. Saw Tortilla Flats, had cactus ice cream, enjoyed a cold beer in several awesome bars with live music and silly bar stools and funny bathroom stalls.

It was a great trip with my sister. I will treasure that time forever!