7 out of 10 for 2015

The #7 moment of my 2015 is July 10th; when I took four of my kiddos fishing this summer at Riffe Lake. It was a beautiful day, yet a bit cold, as it can be early in the day in the Pacific Northwest.

This was our first time fishing at Riffe Lake. The boys and Birdie caught little fish while Faith and I sat on the shore enjoying the views. I was knitting for the yarnbomb and noticed a boat coming into shore. It was a really nice boat with about five people, all of whom were young 17-25 and really beautiful looking (could have been a group of models for a nautical photo-shoot), when Rubin got his line stuck while bottom fishing from shore. I ran over to help before he got flustered and while the boat was floating into shore right in front of us, my footing on this little hill slips-my only options were fall face first into the water with all my clothes on or lay back onto the shore as my feet slipped off the hill…I chose the dry scenario and when I heard Faith, Rubin, Hershal, Birdie and a boat-full of models hooting with laughter, I knew I was a sight to see laying on my back on the shore holding Rubin’s fishing pole.

The group clapped when I righted myself, to which I took a bow, and I finished fixing Rubin’s pole so he could get back to trying to catch “the big one.” As humiliating as it was, I couldn’t stop laughing at myself and thinking that if a video camera followed me around I swear the footage would be pure gold!

We always have a great time when we are out in nature. Whether it’s hiking or playing at a park or relaxing in the hammock in the backyard, it’s always rewarding being outdoors.

The moment our kids switch off technology and get out in nature something magical happens. They stop pestering each other, their attention span is boundless as they take in all the colors, smells, sounds, and creatures that create our natural surroundings. We are not separate from it, but an integral part of it. It’s pretty special and that’s why it’s on of my top 10 favorite moments of 2015!


Number 2 of 2015


This comes late in the day since I’m down with a cold, but better late than never.

My second favorite moment of 2015 is hands-down my trip to Arizona with my sister, Maddie, to visit our Uncle & Aunt!

It was 114 degrees, sunny, and they had a pool. That’s my kind of vacation!!

We laughed so hard when our Uncle tried to start a car race with some young guys in a hot car and our Aunt rolled the window down and said “Don’t encourage him!” as both cars revved their engines and crept forward. The other car beat us, but it was pretty hysterical.

We had the best tour of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa. Saw Tortilla Flats, had cactus ice cream, enjoyed a cold beer in several awesome bars with live music and silly bar stools and funny bathroom stalls.

It was a great trip with my sister. I will treasure that time forever!


Summer Concerts Are A Must

I had the good fortune of seeing two amazing concerts in one week: Slightly Stoopid at Marymoor Park and Taylor Swift at Centurylink Field.

Not only were both music concerts totally amazing, but I was able to enjoy them with people I love beyond words.

My first summer concert was August 6th at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA to see Slightly Stoopid, along with Dirty Heads and Stick Figure, with my sister, Maddie, and our mama, Carol. It was a perfect NW night for an outdoor concert. The park location made it feel like a backyard family gathering in a way; very intimate. We walked around and chatted. The venue holds up to 5,000 people. It was an all-ages show, and no joke, there were babies to grandparents in attendance-again, giving it a family reunion feel. I had never heard of the band before, but my sister has been a fan for a while and has seen their concerts before. I’m so glad she shared them with me because I really enjoyed their laid-back reggae/hip-hop/rock style.

Mom, me, and Maddie at Slightly Stoopid with Dirty Heads and Stick Figure.
Mom, me, and Maddie at Slightly Stoopid with Dirty Heads and Stick Figure.
Slightly Stoopid at Marymoor Park in Redomnd, WA. "Everything is Awesome" tour.
Slightly Stoopid at Marymoor Park in Redomnd, WA. “Everything is Awesome” tour.
Dancing and grooving with my mama!
Dancing and grooving with my mama!

It’s their “Everything is Awesome” summer tour of 2015, traveling and performing in over 40 cities. Slightly Stoopid just released their newest album, “Meanwhile…Back at the Lab,” on June 30th, 2015. The band took the stage and rocked the park, accepting a fat blunt from a fan and smoking it while keeping the crowd swaying on their feet to their contagious feel-good vibe. At one point some jackass climbed onstage and jumped into to the crowd hurting a woman. The band stopped playing while seeing to it that the woman was taken care of, all the while calling out said jackass for his foolish behavior. Once the man was removed from the park, the show went on under the stars of the PNW.

Stick Figure and Dirty Heads are two other SoCal bands on tour with Slightly Stoopid. The whole concert was fabulous and I look forward to seeing them live again one day.

Fast-forward two days, on August 8th I took my three daughters to see Taylor Swift at Centurylink Field (where the Seattle Seahawks play). The tickets were a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law, Noelle, and her hubby, Aksel. We had been counting down the days and were not disappointed! We’ve been T-Swizzle fans since the release of her first album back in 2009.

image1 (1)

Me, Birdie, Emma, and Faith at the Taylor Swift concert. We had seats at the very top of the very back of the stadium.
Me, Birdie, Emma, and Faith at the Taylor Swift concert. We had seats at the very top of the very back of the stadium.

It was HUGE! I mean, seriously huge, like 60,000 people in one stadium. It was a trek to our seats-I got my exercise that night. Taylor had a cool wristband lightshow that changed colors with the songs. She sang old and new songs. We could only see her on the Jumbo-Tron screens, but it looked like we were watching the making of a music video with costume changes, back-up dancers, props and lights. It was a totally different concert experience than Slightly Stoopid at Marymoor Park. Both concerts were amazing and brought people together to feel joy and a collective appreciation for the musical talent of the recording artist.

If you haven’t been to a concert in a while, then I say it’s time to buy your ticket and show up. You won’t regret it and if you take people you love then it’s not time wasted even if it’s not the greatest concert. Whatever genre of music you crave, whether it’s classical or butt-rock, they are performing live and need people to play to. So go and enjoy the magic of live music. Then buy the CD so you can relive it over and over again.